About HP-Anesco


Healthcare Performance – Anesco (HP-Anesco) and its affiliates provide anesthesia services to hospitals and surgery centers.


We also provide related billing, management and practice consulting. Our physicians are known for their clinical skills and quality of care.


Our experienced team members have trained at some of the top U.S. and international hospitals and universities.


Why We Are Successful


  • We come from the anesthesia marketplace and understand your needs, clinical issues and business
  • We have years of experience and success to draw on
  • We deliver quality patient care as well as customer service
  • We have a deep pool of MDs and CRNAs and successfully recruit throughout North America
  • We have a clearly focused, experienced and dedicated management team that understands how to implement “Win-Win” solutions
  • We know how to resolve conflicts
  • Our structure allows for authority and control to manage like a business but autonomy that motivates our people
  • We have developed unique approaches to local incentives that means our teams work together


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