Billing Services

Who We Are


Healthcare Performance – Solutions (HP-Solutions) provides billing, collection and business management services to physicians and hospitals.  We pride ourselves on combining customer service, effective business skills and real hands-on advice that maximizes collections and reduces your costs.


Our MISSION is to apply our deep business and medical skills, learned through years of managing medical practices to support groups in their efforts to collect more, run more efficiently and increase successful patient interactions.


The VISION of our companies is to be known for quality of service, teamwork, and ability to partner with groups, hospitals and payors in a ‘win-win’ fashion.


What We Do


Our lines of services are in billing and reimbursement, consulting services, training support, financial management and more. We provide innovative billing and reimbursement services, including advanced electronic claims submission, billing and collections expertise, diagnostic and procedural coding, tracking and customized trend analyses. Our services help ensure claim accuracy to speed reimbursement.


HP-Solutions Delivers the Best Results


We Increase Collections and Reduce Days Outstanding (DSO) by utilizing a:


  • Proactive robust rules-engine – stops denials before they happen
  • Comprehensive, results-oriented denial management process
  • Sophisticated underpayments tracking, measurement, and management system


 We Improve Practice Management Systems, Service, and Consultation:


  • Full visibility from appointments to collections – online real-time dashboard system
  • World class client service through local account manager
  • Customized monthly score card and ongoing business analysis for the practice
  • Ensure compliance


We Reduce Overhead Costs:


  • Eliminate all mailing costs (paper claims, pt statements)
  • Eliminate lease, upgrade, IT and user fees associated with current software
  • Eliminate hardware fees related to servers, backup utilities, and infrastructure
  • Potentially reduce personnel expenses (salary, FICA, FUTA, SUTA, W/C, Admin., benefits)
  • Eliminate wage inflation


Choose HP-Solutions to gain more control over your practice so you can get back to what you do best – caring for your patients!


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