Anesco was founded and is run by physicians. Dr. Richard Meli and Dr. Paul Kolbert, head up the leadership and were among the co-founders in 1998. The executive team has been instrumental in building Anesco and attracting talent to the group and making it one of the leading single-specialty anesthesia and perioperative management companies in South Florida.


Anesco has maintained a simple charter: deliver to hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers and physician offices the best possible services in the market. The team has demonstrated an ability to deliver exceptional anesthesia services as well as perioperative leadership helping all its facilities to enhance operating room performance, facility collections, and patient and surgeon satisfaction.


Over the years, Anesco management has expanded to include highly respected clinical staff as well as healthcare industry management executives. The leadership team works on all aspects of group operations from clinical performance and quality based incentives to innovative initiatives in business management.


The executive team has established centers of excellence in organizational development and practice management. Anesco has made an overarching commitment to developing a high-performance organization that can deliver for patients, physicians and employees.


The business leaders represent a cross-section of healthcare industry expertise including: hospital management, IT, organizational development, finance, legal, compliance, HR, patient services, payer relations and contracting.

Richard Meli, MD



Dr. Meli, our CEO, is a board-certified anesthesia and was formerly the Chief of Anesthesia at North Ridge Medical Centre in Fort Lauderdale Florida. In addition, Dr. Meli is a prominent entrepreneur who has lead the growth of a chemical manufacturing company and the eventual sale to a major international paint company (Akzo Nobel).


Paul Kolbert, MD

President – Billing Operations


Dr. Kolbert, is president of the affiliated billing operation, Solutions for Medical Business and is also a board-certified anesthesiologist. He was formerly the Medical Director for the North Ridge Surgery Center in Fort Lauderdale Florida and was also an Assistant Professor of Anesthesia at University Hospital at the State University of NY at Stony Brook.


Other management team members at Anesco include the former Executive Director of Surgical Services for Broward Health in Fort Lauderdale Florida; a Senior Administrator in Billing Operations for Sheridan Healthcare; a 25-year finance executive who held senior accounting and control positions for one of Florida’s largest imaging companies, and worked in finance at Citicorp, who also holds a Masters and BS in Accountancy; a 20 year human resources executive skilled in labor law and HR policy; strategic advisors that have over 25 years of senior executive leadership experience running large complex operations for national businesses with over $1Bil in revenues.


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